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Code of Conduct

This code of conduct has been developed in order to enable the company to conduct its business effectively and to guarantee the impartiality of the services rendered.

All the employees should maintain highest standards of loyalty and ethics and are obliged to follow the code given below:-

  • To serve EKL honestly, diligently and loyally, performing the duties assigned to them to the best of their abilities in very professional way.
  • To obey rightful orders and instructions given by their superiors within the scope of their duties and to have a respectful attitude towards superiors and management with a high commitment level.
  • To have good manners.
  • To observe punctuality.
  • To abide by the company rules, policies and practices.
  • To take care and maintain in good order all items of the company property entrusted to them.
  • To preserve cleanliness in and around EKL’s premises.
  • Smoking is hazardous for health of both the active and passive smokers. so not to smoke in the office premises during or after office hours.
  • To avoid insults, defamation, provocation, quarrels, or acts of violence.
  • To maintain good personal appearance and dress.
  • Not to disclose to any party outside the company, any information acquired in the course of their work about the company’s or its client’s affairs.
  • To inform the Management of any matter which may come to his/her knowledge concerning EKL or its clients business.
  • All of the working time is to be devoted to the company and no personal interests should be in conflict with the interests of the company. If so, concerned employee is obliged to disclose the same forthwith to the HR Department. It will enable to decide upon measures to be adopted in order to ensure that the spirit and objectives of this code of conduct are complied with
  • No employee shall acquire, directly or indirectly, any interest in any supplier or competitor of the company
  • No employee shall solicit or accept any personal benefit, which could, by reason of its nature or value, influence or appear to influence the judgment or actions of the employee in performing his/her duties for the company.
  • All employees are supposed to maintain any such information in the strictest confidentiality which they may obtain while performing their duties.
  • No full time employee of the company is allowed to:-
    • Do second job along with the company’s job, with out prior permission of the CEO obtained through HR Department.
    • Get any of his/her near relative, employed in the company with out disclosing it to the HR Department, at the time of the candidate’s selection process
  • Following acts or omissions on part of the employees will be considered offenses:-
    • Smoking anywhere within the “No smoking area”.
    • Sleeping on duty.
    • Disclosing commercial or manufacturing secrets / calculations / data / designs of the company, directly or indirectly, to other persons / company / competitors which could be detrimental to company’s interest, during or after leaving company’s employment till after three (3) months.
    • Not obtaining clearance on leaving the company. In such case the company (admin department) shall approach the new employer of that person.
    • Fighting or participating in a physical altercation on Company time or premises.
    • Unauthorized possession or use of a weapon on Company time or premises.
    • Unauthorized possession or use of liquor on Company time or premises.
    • Possession or use of illegal drugs on Company time or premises.
    • Falsification or alteration of any official Company document or Form including ID Card or Employment Application.
    • Gross incompetence, repeated failure to perform job duties, or inability to meet expected norms of work performance.
    • Use of profane or obscene or display of any such material with in company premises, or acting in an insulting or offensive manner toward a fellow employee, supervisor, guest or customer.
    • Tampering with or misuse of machinery or equipment or record.
    • Leveling false allegation against any employee or making false statement or providing false/ incorrect document/record, etc.
    • Unauthorized absence from work area or premises.
    • Indulgence in or causing sexual harassment to an employee.
    • Indulging in any activity which constitutes conduct unbecoming.
    • Refusing to accept any official letter, etc.
  • If any employee is found guilty of misconduct / charged with an offense under the provision of this policy manual, except late coming and absenteeism, the immediate superior/employer/manager has the right to issue a charge sheet against him/her. However he/she would be given an opportunity for explanation before any decision. Motive behind the offense and previous record of worker’ performance will be given proper consideration.
  • Refusal for the acceptance of the charge sheet or submission of any explanation when given the opportunity will be considered as admission of the charge on the part of the employee.
  • Disciplinary action may include verbal warnings, written warnings, suspension without pay, withholding of promotion or discharge/ termination.
  • The severity of the corrective action is dependent upon the nature of the offense. But serious offenses will result in immediate discharge.
Important Notes

The CEO/MD will ensure the enforcement of this conduct through the HR and Administration Departments. Any employee who may have any question with respect to the interpretation of this code of conduct or with respect to its applicability to specific situation may submit the question directly to the HR Department through and with the comments of his/her departmental hierarchy.

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